I’m so tired.

All in a Days Work, Personal / Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

I’m so tired. No, I’m not even kidding friends. I could cry. If I started crying, I would never stop.

Personally? Life has been in a tailspin the last few weeks. I shall spare ye the details but let’s just leave it at my Gma is fine, now.

I’ve worked every night for the last two weeks (but for each Thursday when my body shuts off and crashes.) This week is shaping out to be the same, except I’m about to crash right now. I’m so tired. My brain cannot turn off, when I try to sleep the to-do list is running full speed ahead.

I love my job though and I’m told I’m doing well. Not stressed out (event 3 days away) still smiling and pleasant (at least when people are looking) organized yada yada yada. What I want to scream is “I have been working my ASS off the last two weeks!” to ensure that the week of the Gala would run smooth(ish.) There’s never SMOOTH in event planning. Everything is last minute and then changes again, part of the territory. But I have contingency plans built in and so far…well I shall not say it as to jinx myself.

But all is well. Really. But man I’m tired, 10-12 -14 hour days when almost every minute I need to be ON? Exhausting. The only time I seem to get anything really ACCOMPLISHED and crossed off the to-do list is after hours, when no one else is around to ask me another question and the phone might be ringing but no one expects a call until morning.

I need my reserves because I have a LONG WEEKEND ahead of me. And on my two days off next week following Gala? Oh yeah, I’M WORKING at my 2nd job on Monday during the day and I will be otherwise entertained with meetings of high importance on Tuesday as well. Some days off, eh?


UPDATE: 7pm after a big cup of coffee and a bunch of things accomplished and on a roll…

I’m past the want to cry stage and back into the I LOVE THIS STUFF sicksicksick mode.

Yeah, honestly. Someone even gave me kudos today because she imagined our office would be insane right now and well, except for that little problem that I still need our 43 cases of donated wine for Saturday and the distributor still doesn’t have approval to send it to us, well….I’m in control and everything is ok. I even bought my co-workers cookies from Cafe 59 from lunch to say thank you for helping.  Ok, lunch was at 3:30 but still, I remembered lunch!!! And that is a good thing..

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?