Immune System Building Plan

Health & Wellness, Personal / Friday, July 6th, 2012

Immune System Building Plan


Here’s the DAILY plan. Once I can you know, walk without being in pain and coughing!

  • 30 minutes of exercise. No. Excuses. Henri wants to take walks.
  • Drink half of body weight in water. I fell out of this after I stopped working.
  • Green Smoothies. Must get back in this habit, we were doing good!
  • Multivitamin and probiotic. Must not skip!
  • Herbal Tea with fresh lemon, raw honey and apple cider vinegar in the morning.
  • Sleep. Must get sleeping habits regulated again. Up until 3-4 am? BAD.

I’ve been good with these things in the past, and do them sporadically still (except exercise, not gonna lie I HATE THE HEAT and summer is bad for me in this regard. I’m shocked I’ve been able to tolerate hours of gardening this summer!) BUT I need to be CONSISTENTLY good with these things! —-WE need to be consistently good with these things. The Weber Family as a TEAM.

I’ve managed to do these good things already…

  • Cut out sugar from morning coffee (I drink with almond milk)
  • Eat only whole wheat pastas and breads.
  • Cut down on drinking alcohol.
  • Eliminated stress. Hello, no job!
  • Buy organic fruits and veggies most of the time.
  • Been going outdoors and playing in the dirt daily!
  • Make food at home more instead of going out.

I need to get healthy for MYSELF, for my HUSBAND and for our future babies we hope to have.

This our next big thing.

I think I might even make one of those pretty DAILY GOAL TRACKING charts to watch the progress.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?