Introducing Mimi and Annie Cat Weber

NOT that I play favorites of course, but Mimi Cat is going to catapult her way into the favorite spot of my heart pretty quickly. First of all, she is a calico and I have ALWAYS had a softspot for calico kitties. Secondly, she is a dog cat, mannerisms more like a dog…just like my Simba Cat was! And thirdly, she is a giant kitty—just like Simba Cat.

We brought Mimi and her sister Annie home a few hours ago and the ENTIRE car ride Mimi cried.(Just like Simba Cat.) As soon as we let her out of the carrier in the office she went RIGHT to her food. (Just like Simba Cat.) And she is already acting completely normal. Walking around, getting loving. Staring and growling at the door knowing there is a dog on the other side. I love this goofball already, she is going to be a fun addition to the Weber Zoo.

Our sweet little red haired Annie Cat is currently hiding…but once she comes out to play I will introduce her as well. She snuggled up in her carrier quietly and didn’t want to come out. Once HWMMS lured her out, she slinked over to the side wall behind the desk and found her way all the way back behind all the boxes and mattresses into the dark corner. Hopefully her sister Mimi will comfort her soon.

Ah, new kitties.

Also, I miss my Simbers.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?