Investment Opportunity: East Side Buffalo

Anyone interested? LET ME KNOW!

From my dear friend, and everyone’s favorite neighbor/Buffalonian Michele Johnson.

“Today my next door neighbors home went up for sale..My fave neighbor who has rented the house for 19 yrs could be forced to move..The owner has it up for 40k..It is in pristine condition. The tenant takes care of it as his own and wants to stay. He can not buy it..I am HEARTBROKEN…If you are looking for an investment property and are NOT a flipper or slumlord (We have an amazing block and we take NO SHIT over here) This comes with the BEST tenant EVER..Who will sign a long term lease, you never have to worry about the lawn care or anything else..he does EVERYTHING. Please contact me if interested.”

MLS #B1028339

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?