Blogging / Wednesday, June 13th, 2007


When did you begin your first blog and what inspired you to do so?

I started blogging back in 2003. I was inspired because I wanted a way for my friends to read about me, yet I didn’t want to feel like I was over burdening them with long and continuous e-mails. I still feel sad when I know there are friends of mine who don’t keep up with the blog each day, but this way, at least a surprise comment once in a while is nicer than never getting a response from my e-mail. Wow, that was my original reason…how times have changed. And oh my, how very many friends I have made in person and in the blog world through All Things Jennifer. Talk about opening doors!!!

How would you characterize your blog?

Creative– Yes

Political- Yes, but it used to be much more so. I was once found by the good people at PRI international and asked to record an interview about my moderate/libertarian woman support of W in the election. I didn’t feel comfortable doing the interview so I sent them to Karol instead.

Informational– Heck yeah!

Community-oriented– Duh? Am I a blogger in the WNYMEDIA family? Once upon a time before the days of BuffaloPundit and BuffaloRising, I was one of the few who was out there trying to promote POSITIVE BUFFALO by way of my blog. Of course, once blogging caught wind here in Buffalo…these other two giants took on that job full-time. But I was out there before they were (of course I also deleted all of my blog from 2003-2005 in a state of blackness so the archives Before Pundit and Before Rising are nowhere to be found) but trust me I was out there.

Or something else?– I am always something else

Here’s a snippet of what I recently wrote while worrying about the change over in my WNYMEDIA family of bloggers.

I knew what I was getting into when I decided to go ahead with this sidebar profile in Buffalo Spree– and no, my hair was never that red, the sun was extremely bright that day. I knew that with this article, people outside my little blog world would start to know who I was. With more local readers and publicity, my blogging shifted focus. Not quite as personal or politically opinionated because I was now writing with a larger (local) audience in mind. People who know where I work. And then a year or so later? Enter WNYMEDIA. What great opportunities I have had under this group of media mentors. I love sharing my blog. I love knowing that WNYMEDIA wants ALL THINGS to be ALL THINGS and yet contribute to the larger goal whenever possible.


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