Jane, the Worm Who Tells Me To Eat All The Things That Lives In My Belly

Randomments / Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Does anyone else feel like they have a giant worm inside them that tells them to EAT ALL THE THINGS? No? Just me? Well, then, let me tell you about this worm of mine. She is not my friend. Oh she thinks she has me wrapped around her little slithery body but no, no one out of every five times I can actually resist her. I shall call her Jane. Jane the work who lives inside me and was telling me to bake ALL THE TOLL HOUSE COOKIES. You see, Jane is smart. She knows the contents of my pantry as well as my heart. And yesterday, she won out. ONLY because I found out CHRISTMAS music started playing on the radio station which got me so darn excited I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO BAKE COOKIES while singing Christmas Music. I think Jane knew Christmas music was playing when she put that suggestion in my head. I might have a psychic worm living in my belly telling me what to do. Also, in case you are wondering, Jane is not a scary long weird looking tapeworm of a character, no siree, she is a superhero. She wears a cape. And is a cartoon worm, a black and white scribble of sorts. With a superhero cape. Similar to Superman. Super Jane Worm.  Who loves Toll-House cookies. Despite them not looking pretty.