Jeanette Winterson

Books / Wednesday, October 15th, 2003

Jeanette Winterson

Anyone familiar?

I’m  seriously finding myself devouring her novels.

The Passion was the first one I read and very much enjoyed. I’m now reading Gut Symmetries and I completed Written on the Body the other day…which is so far my favourite!

Here is the authors description of Written.

“It’s a simple story; love found, love lost, love found again – maybe. The unnamed narrator falls for a married woman called Louise. Louise leaves her husband but when she finds she has cancer, she leaves her new lover too. Written on the Body is a journey of self-discovery made through the metaphors of desire and disease.

Against this, I wanted to look again, (I am always looking again) at love’s ability to shatter and heal simultaneously. Loving someone else destroys our ideas of who we are and what we want. Priorities change, friends change, houses change, we change. Part of the strangeness of being human is our need of boundaries, parameters, definitions, explanations, and our need for them to be overturned. For most people, only the positives of love and faith (and a child is both), or the negatives of disaster and disease, achieve this. Death comes too late. The final shattering affects others, but not ourselves.”

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?