Jogging. How long until this becomes a habit??? I have managed to get in about 10+ total minutes of JOGGING more than ONCE, in fact today was closer to 15 minutes. And that scares the hell out of me. (Marky is just jogging on his own, the entire time. I weave in and out of walk/jog.)

I feel FANTASTIC when I finish the workout. In fact during the *cool down* walk, I want to do MORE… Although I don’t want to push myself too hard.

My feet hurt a wee bit when jogging. But if you had my weight hitting the pavement , your feet would hurt too. My knees are great, however I feel the need to do many squats and stretches after the fact. I even wake up feeling great.

However, the going out…still not my strong suit.

This afternoon I was supposed to be planting flowers with a few Leaguers, but that was canceled due to rain. I already had it planned in my head I would go out after the gardening. But since I did not volunteer, Marky was ready to go right after work. And the weather was cool and slightly rainy and I was still searching for my gnome hidden items from this morning and in an increasingly more difficult mood because I could not find the damn keys (I found two hairbrushes) and then at the last minute, 6:20, I went in the bedroom and shook my blanket and Lo! The keys, unhidden at last. No excuses.

While out I was impressed to see so very many people jogging! I actually ran into a co-worker (Hi Rema!) and another woman I know who works with the Buffalo Bills. Knowing that I was out there, heart attack waiting to happen, trying to make a wee bit of a difference along side real joggers…made me happy. Of course I had just come off of a 5 minute jog (without dying) when I ran into them, so I most likely looked half-dead and bright red, and wet from the rain but it didn’t matter. The happy mood endorphins ran rampant!

And now I’m home and checking out the articles on Cool Running. Mark is back at the park doing Martial Arts, my handsome fit boyfriend man! And I’m trying to set a goal for myself to purchase an iPod for training and fill it with Genesis-(We have 100 level seats! 😉 I’m thinking after Week #3, but I did just spend three digits getting sneakers, I probably shouldn’t splurge quite yet. We’ll see.

At some point, this becomes a habit? Right?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?