Kid Magnet

Kid Magnet. Long time ago when I was flying home from Boston I was sitting innocently in my window seat waiting to watch the world go by…and a young mom and her little son sat themselves down next to me. ANYONE else would have dreaded the kid sitting next to them thing, but I embraced it. Beside the little boy was a total cutie pie.

I became this little boy’s friend within about 5 minutes. He kept handing me his toys and water bottle and crayons and about 1/2 way into the flight he actually crawled IN MY LAP! The mom was apologizing but smiling, she knew it was fine of course.

So cute…so cute.

Yesterday…of course I was riding the bus to work in the morning and who sat next to me? A young woman and her son. Ok, this little boy didn’t crawl in my lap (the ride is only about 6 minutes from my house to work) but he did enjoy my company.

Now, if I could only find boys about 35 years older…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?