Kids Make Me Happy

Personal / Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Kids Make Me Happy

Yesterday I volunteered to take my friends daughter to a birthday party at B is for Books in Orchard Park…while they put the finishing touches on a week long move. Too much fun let me tell you!

First, we stopped at Treehouse for a gift…

On to B is for Books. (SUCH A HAPPY PLACE FOR KIDS!)

The little brown haired girl with the pigtails and to die for adorable checkered pants and button up cardigan stole my whole heart. Ache.

After the birthday party at the bookstore (where one of the women working told me I should be running these kinds of things because I was helping them with the scavenger hunt) I made a pitstop to see the Smith Family.

My niece Little A and Maeve played and played.

Swingset, sandbox, running around the yard, chasing toads, playing with ladybugs, planted acorns and made acorn, peach, apple ice cream.

Yum—-uck! *but it smelled delicious they declared!*

I on the other hand reaped a bounty of fresh potatoes from the garden to bring home. Yummmmm.

What a great way to spend a  Saturday afternoon.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?