Knead the Dough


Knead the Dough. While staying in the country this weekend “He Who Makes Me Smile” took me to the cutest gosh darn restaurant in Niagara County for breakfast called “Knead the Dough.” It felt like walkin’ in to gramma’s kitchen! The whole restaurant was homey and spacious and had tables all over that looked like this!


Old school and gingham! I’m in LOVE!


The waitstaff was outstanding and the food, mmmmmm…no, I did not order The Holy Cow or The Big Pig but I could have! I had the meat lovers omelet with homemade white bread toast instead.


While my partner had Steak and Eggs.


Hearty portions, delicious food and just so darn quaint I could have stayed there all weekend. Can’t wait to make this a regular weekend visit! (Although “He Who Makes Me Smile” does cook a mean breakfast for me on the weekends…but once in a while he deserves a break. Hee hee.)


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?