It started out with removing one thing from the front lawn…

A giant overgrown bush neither one of us liked that was right on the corner of the rose bushes and the garage. Poof! I came home the other day to a freshly cut lawn and the giant bush was gone! Of course this only sparked the desire…

Quick trip to the store to buy another rose plant to replace the giant bush. And wood edging.


And 20 bags of mulch.


So while I finished off the edging, put down way too much mulch and trimmed back the roses…

Untitled Rose Garden

HWMMS finished mowing the back field area AND decided to cut down the two, huge, overgrown beasts in the front yard.


Now you see them…

Untitled Untitled

And now you almost don’t!


For some reason there is a large metal pole in the ground where the 2nd beast stood so it took a lot more time to get that bad boy down, almost done…but not quite. Holy view of the neighbors! (Waves to neighbors!) Next step, the bushes that line the driveway.

Funny thing is after doing just a wee bit of outdoor work, it makes me not want to think about moving and back on the building a huge addition on the lovely land HWMMS already owns.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?