Last Call for NaNoWriMo

Blogging, Writing / Thursday, November 30th, 2017
Last Call for NaNoWriMo. I can’t make this up. I’m typing away, trying to put words to the page and every FREAKING other minute one of those wee bitty fruit flyesque bugs that are still somehow following me around the damn house is flying in front of my face and computer screen and I keep trying to kill it and I think I am killing it or maybe I did kill it and another one pops up in it’s place. Every other minute! THEY ARE DRIVING ME NUTS. One at a time though, never two. Not a swarm just one pesky damn bug over and over.
So I’m dealing, not so successfully as you can tell by my rant above, with these pests and writing. And I write something I don’t like but I count it and add to my word count because OF COURSE YOU DO YOU HAVE 3000+ more words to finish somehow today and then I go to delete the original post now that I added it to the longer post and the freaking website goes black. ERROR. Hahahaha. Of course error establishing database connection, because I was actually in the middle of doing something and seeking out my outline to do more writing, which I have saved as drafts in WordPress AND THE WEBSITE GOES DOWN.
I’m not kidding I have some off putting energy when it comes to technology. I’m so sick of it.
And while although both of these issues mean NOTHING in the long run, not even to me really. They are both driving me mad and I need to step away and relax for a few. SO much for getting that writing in. Man, I could go for a nap.
My Husband is Perfection

We both decided it was an Avengers movie night. He came home from work and said “Avengers” and I was like DUDE shut the front door I was thinking Avengers this afternoon already. And yes, we watch this movie a lot but it was still a coincidence, these days Doctor Strange is the movie fall back of choice.

At the end of the movie the sound is off and he is getting ready to go upstairs and he hears my type type typing away at the keyboard. I kid you not. These are the words that came out of his mouth.

“What are you doing, writing a book?”

Oh love. If you only NaNoWriMo knew…

Day 30 complete.

50,080 words. One month.