Laundry Room Update

I previously blogged about my dislike for the laundry room in our new house being part of the mudroom area right off the kitchen. I really thought I wanted to have laundry in the basement, it felt odd seeing the washer and dryer when you first walked in the door. However since LIVING in our new home HAVING A LAUNDRY ROOM ON THE FIRST FLOOR IS A DREAM. And we don’t even have kids yet. I can’t imagine how grateful I’ll be once little ones are around!

HWMMS built a long coat rack for the mudroom and a shelf above the washer and dryer a few months ago. One of these days (when he is out of the house…) I plan on painting the shelves, but for now they are just plain ol wood.

The newest addition involved a simple fix of getting a long shower tension rod and two shower curtains (the pattern is Lenox Chirp, which I have been in love with for YEARS but HWMMS doesn’t like for plates but didn’t have a care about the curtains.) Now you can’t see the appliances OR the piles of unfolded clothes on top of everything! Hurrah!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?