LEAP! (5,4,3,2,1…)

Books, Personal, Synchronicities / Monday, June 19th, 2017


  1. I can get up at 5:45am and take the dogs outside. WIDE AWAKE. All is ok. I can find myself scrolling through social media at 6am…and then by 6:10am I think “I should just get out of bed and start my day. ” BUT I DON’T. Now it’s 6:30am. And 6:45am and BAM, I’m sleepy. And I put my phone down and I fall back asleep for an hour. Every morning.
  2. THE REFRESHMENT OF OUR POOL IS GLORIOUS. I mean glorious, especially when it is sticky and warm and hot outside. Every single time I go in the pool (which we admittedly keep sort of on the cold side–78-80ish-it’s EXPENSIVE!) I’m transformed into bliss. But every single time I think about jumping right in the pool, I hesitate. (HWMMS ALWAYS just dives right in from the deep end, every time.) WHY DO I HESITATE I LOVE THE POOL I KNOW AS SOON AS I GET IN IT WILL BE INCREDIBLE. But I don’t. Nope. I walk in, realize it’s warmish, walk around and then after maybe 5-10 minutes, go in. WHY?

WHY? WHY do I do these things?

Here I am on a brand-spanking new Monday morning and work week. HWMMS has to take the car into the shop (ugh) which means, I get a ride into the office this morning before 7 am. Woo hoo! I let the dogs out early, I browse the interwebs on my phone back in bed yet I don’t get up. HWMMS gently prods me, I get ready and we’re off. Begrudgingly. Mind you I’ve been “up” “not up” for an hour. Sigh.

After just one cup of coffee, I’m browsing through my Audible library realizing I have credits to use—hmmm, what should I purchase? And then I see this book: The 5 Second Rule. And unlike the other 27 books on my wish list, for some reason I order this one. And unlike the other 127 books in my library (give or take 100) I start listening to this one. AND IT IS ABOUT EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO BLOG ABOUT THIS MORNING.

Let’s see if I’m inspired…

Happy Monday Friends!

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