Lefty in the house

Lefty in the house!

My experience today at the Buffalo Surgery Center was amazing, very professional, kind, understanding, friendly (but for the bad television in the lobby area…Rachael Ray? Ugh, knock me out now please!) Every single person there, despite being very busy and at lunch time was wonderful. I was highly impressed. And I do mean every single staff person I met, I’d say that was at least 10-12 people. Outstanding service. Highly recommend if you need to choose a place for outpatient surgery in WNY.


I guess I answered the two most commonly asked questions of the day right.

#1- what did you do to your hand?

#2- did you at least get to drink the wine before falling on the bottle?

All is well but I’d really like those happy meds the kind anesthesiologist was promising, just cause being happy is good ya know?

Ow. Hello very swollen and numb thumb. Here I am waiting for the nerve block to take effect. Um, which hardly worked at first and I needed more. All kinds of tingly by the time they wheeled me away.


The surgery took about 90 minutes. I guess the happy meds worked because when I was inside I said to the nurses (and handsome resident with preppy glasses) that I was hoping Dr. Christian Troy would be working on me. 🙂 Lots of laughs…ha ha ha ha.

Everything went as planned. Tendon reconnected and one nerve repaired (not two.)

After the surgery, I woke up somewhere at the end on my own while I was getting all bandaged up and I kept asking questions. I wanted to SEE what was going on. (I couldn’t take photos, too many people around…) The nurse told me to shut the hell up not worry about questions right now because I keep asking the same ones over and over and she would talk to my brother in a few minutes with me so he would remember.

Me? Talk a lot? NEVER.

My brother is a saint. He took it all in stride and sort of kept laughing at me. (I guess he thought I was a tad bit loopy, although I didn’t feel that way.) I picked up my pain meds at the pharmacy and went back to house of Smith in the Suburbs to nap. I guess it really is supposed to hurt…I have a refill scheduled and the paperwork says expect pain up to…12 weeks! WHA???

My niece offered me her dolly “Carlos” to make me happy. Carlos happens to be my sister-in-laws Cabbage Patch from when she was a child. And Carlos is very much a girl, despite the chosen name by my niece.

I napped for several hours and woke up not in pain. Slightly able to wiggle my fingers, but not an ounce of pain. Lil Brother made me eat and take my pain meds (on recommendation of the surgeon to prepare for the pain before the nerve block wears off.) I’m here at midnight on round #2 for the narcotics and still, the nerve block is in effect. I will likely wake up in a few hours in excruciating pain, but…for now. I’m just plain tired.

And with that said…off to happy land of sleep.

Thank you for all your well wishes. My friends and family mean the world to me and it’s super nice to have comments and emails and texts and voice mails.

And a super kiss thank you to Lil Brother and family for putting me up for the next few days.

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