Les Miserables

Music, Personal, Theater / Thursday, March 25th, 2004

“Though our lives are very humble, what we have, we have to share” -Les Miserables

One of the coolest moments in my life occurred when I was just a wee little college student. I was on my way, one random day to the post office to check box 1415. Everyone checked their mail at least 5 times a day on campus. NOT that you would get mail…but the post office was centered right smack in the middle of campus. It was the social hub of our little Meadville world. I remember clearly, it was right before Women’s Ensemble, I stopped to check my box, and YAY! I had a package slip! Yee hah! I went over to the window and got a package from my little brother. And when I opened the package…it was the “Complete Cast Recording of Les Miserables”the 3 CD set! Woooooo hooo! I opened the package in chorus, an appropriate place for others to realize what an awesome gift this was! He told me it was a late birthday gift. And I am pretty sure he went over to Canadia to purchase it…not sure if it was available in the States yet at the time…Soooo exciting! Coolest present ever. Thank you little brother, 10 years later!

Where does this come from you ask? Well, I am seeing Les Mis, once again, in a week. I never had the chance to hear Colm sing Jean Val Jean, (but I did hear him sing Bring Him Home!) but I still think it is one of my most favorite musicals. And I’m listening to the 3 CD soundtrack as I type…Don’t forget the tissues Auntie Carroll this one is a tear jerker!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?