Let METRO take me where I want to go!

Personal / Tuesday, July 5th, 2005

So I ride the bus to work in the morning. Same stop. Pretty predictable.

I get on. I get off.

Today, something interesting happened. I got on and there was an empty seat available next to a young gentleman wearing an oxford shirt. Now I usually avoid sitting next to these gentlemen, because well, a Jen(nifer) is not exactly at her best before 8:00 am. Even if she is out the door an on her way to work. And even if she made coffee/eggs at home!


I sat next to the man. I rode the bus my 1.2 miles up the street. I was ready to ask the man to reach up and pull the little *ding* notification cord for the driver when I noticed he did it for me, before I asked.

“Thank you.” I smile back at him.

I get off the bus, ready to make small talk, and lo! He is not off the bus with me.!But he rang the little *ding* cord! He must have needed my stop too! Right? But no. No young gentleman wearing an oxford shirt.

So, should I be SCARED that a nice, young gentleman with an oxford shirt KNOWS my stop? Or should I be checking his finger for a wedding ring?

You decide. Tee hee!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?