Library, not Nursery

A million years ago, ok, 27—10—and maybe even off and on the last few years if you would have told me I would end up in a giant house in the country with two crazy dogs, four kitty cats and one amazing husband without any kiddos I would have laughed. We bought Weber Wonderland and called the room next to our bedroom the nursery—it is now the library and one of my favorites spaces. Anyhow…

The one thing in my life I always assumed was I would have kids. In fact more than one relationship ended or never really started because I wanted to have a partner that wanted to have children too.

Here I am today. 43. No kiddos. But a house big enough to have at least a handful, if not more.

Now this isn’t a BAD thing. It is what it is. And the really strange part, I really love our life right now.  There’s still time in our future to have a family, if we choose to go down that road. Right now. Today. I’m happy where I am.

You never know where life is going to take you. All you can do is live day by day and trust the process.

And to think, this post was sparked in my head all from seeing an ADORABLE photo of my friend’s kiddo on her last day of Kindergarten. I thought “man, my friends have amazing kiddos…” and smiled happy for my friends and their kiddos.

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  • MarschallArts

    May 25, 2017

    So true — you really never know where life will take you. In my case, from the time I started baby-sitting in my teens I never really wanted kids. (I realize that being a teenager and raising kids of your own are not the same thing, but still, it was how I felt.) I thought that might be negotiable if I met the right person and he wanted children. Well, Garaud and I didn’t get married ’til we were 46 and having kids was not a consideration; the idea of having teenagers in our late 50s/early 60s was not something we wanted to tackle.

    I’ve always felt that the many students I had over my 26 years in the classroom as an English/Theater teacher were my kids — and many of them called me “Mom” over the years (and some still do!) Being happy with your decision (or getting perspective on how things have just evolved) and where you are in life is really the important thing.?


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