Life Registry

Randomments / Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

“This is not your mother’s wedding registry!”

Life Registry? This article had me thinking. I WANT a Kitchen-Aid mixer too! (I saw one in Pentagon City that was Chocolate Brown!!! Ooooooh!) So let me get this straight… if I married someone, anyone, and registered I could have a mixer…and complete set of china and great knifes? We celebrate marriage as a nation, even at 21-22…but what about the single 20-30 somethings who need a mixer too????

Read on:

Erin and Jen. Two Buffalo Best Friends…living life and living it loud. Looking for a fabulous apartment somewhere in the Elmwood Village – Allentown area. The amount of money they both spend on rent would get them an amazing apartment, in an old house, with a fireplace, porch, perhaps parking or even a little yard. And then lets add cable television as well as high speed internet. Living together, all this is possible. Living apart. Not so much. Both couches in each apartment have been well visited by the other. Why not get a fabulous apartment together and live the fabulous life?

Erin is a recent graduate with her Masters degree in Secondary Education. Dangerously close to 30 years old. Single and looking for love and the pursuit of happiness, hoping to make this dream come true in WNY.

Jen is a soon to be graduate with her J.D. as well as a smattering of credits towards her Masters in Social Work. Dangerously loving the fact that she gets carded at the bar because she just turned 30 at the end of December. Single (in legality only) and waiting for love to take her to that next step, sometime in the future, in a year or two? But in the meantime, dedicated to gearing up for adult life, in WNY. (Although pondering the endless options of something bigger, daily!)

The two together, have a dreams of cable television, CNN, HBO.

So in honour of us. Being fabulous, intelligent women. I offer to the world the:

I’m not married (right now), I don’t have a baby (yet) and I don’t own a house (because I am still paying off student loans) but I’m 30 and have a graduate degree and therefore fabulous gift registry.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?