Like Mother Like Daughter: Brigth Ligth?

Like Mother Like Daughter: Brigth Ligth?

I just did a quick search in my archives for moments I blogged about how I hate my cellphone because the charging port ALWAYS breaks and won’ t hold a charge and these are the links I found.

I KNOW there are more. One of these days I’ll find them, today is not that day.

Long story short, pretty much every single cell phone I’ve ever had somehow loses its ability to charge. Every. Single. One. Sure, I’m not a delicately ginger type phone person, but every single one? I have SUCH BAD CELL PHONE CHARGING MOJO.

Turns out someone else does too.

My mom.

I spent so much time trying to get her phone to charge today it was unreal, no really, you don’t want to know how many times I held the charger just so and tried to place it down and then had to do it all over again a minute later because it stopped charging. SO MUCH TIME. I gave up. But I KNOW THE PAIN. And I really wanted her phone to charge for her!

Grrrrr. Like Daughter, Like Mother. We both apparently have bade cell phone charging mojo energy surrounding us. I know these things happen to other people, but the fact that it happens to me with every phone? Weird, right?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?