Ling and Keesa

Introducing my future step-cats. Ling and Keesa.

I’m not really all that sure that Simba Cat and Sasha Kitten will get along with Mark’s two *very bitchy/prissy* girls. But it sure will be an interesting ride. I had a long intervention with one of them already and things seem to be moving along. I really think the only person in the world that they love is Mark. Sigh. Any advice?

Yes, we will be moving to a new place for all of them, so that makes it SOMEWHAT easier. And they all have claws. And are all fixed. BUT…Sasha Kitten my little one…is about twice the size of Keesa and 3X the weight of Little Lightweight Ling. Therefore SIMBA cat? Well he probably weighs as more than both cats combined!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?