List of Things To Do Before My Next Decade

Greetings. I have to admit I am slightly weirded out by the fact that I have readers out there that I am not paying to be my friends! Ahem. Welcome one and all!

I have decided to start blogging all the OTHER things I wanted to share before the unfortunate, BUT FORTUNATE employment experience I have had recently. “No more talk of darkness…”

So…I turned 30. I shall now discuss amongst myself.

When I turned 29 last year, I started a “List of things to do before my next decade-30” I was preparing myself for eventual doom of Y2K proportions by admitting that at 29, I was actually beginning my 30th year of life. And with that I compiled a list. Here is what I came up with

“List of Things To Do Before My Next Decade” (effective 12/29/02-12/29/03)
1. Love more, live more, be happy. (check. in fact I lived enough in the past year to make up for my lost 20s!)
2. Keep in touch. (? hmmm what was I thinking?)
3. Become Spiritual Jen (does denoucing my Catholic conscience and beginning to attend the Epicopcal church count?)
4. Volunteer-Forever Elmwood (negative, although while getting my $5 arm bracelet during Mardi gras festivities last year one of the committee members remembered who I was, or was that 2 years ago?)
5. Go skiing, go sledding, build a snowman- REDISCOVER WINTER. (negative, although I did do a few snow angels)
6. Discover ME by journaling (YES, AMAZING THERAPY-highly recommended. Oh and I found the blog as well!)
7. Become a regular at the Gym. (ahem, negative)
8. Read more classics
9. Explore Toronto…escape on road trips. (YAY! Took advantage of SARS SCARE and frequented the great city for little $)
10. Refinish furniture, buy more furniture. (Not so much.)
11. Make a New Friend (yep! but also lost an old one. : (
12. Paint, Paint, Paint. (yes. started a few silly paintings and painted entire apartment 5 bold colors!)
13. Sing (always, but not officially)
14. See more bands. (always.)
15. Kiss more.
16. Savings (uh, no.)
17. Graduate from Law School (not yet)
18. Visit GPA in nursing home (no, but I try to send cards…)
19. More politically aware and active. (Not really.)
20. Forgive (everyone but myself…which is a never ending process.)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?