A Little Fall of Rain

Do YOU like getting caught in the rain?

The rain started to fall as I was driving to work after taking this photo of the sky over Newton Pond at Weber Wonderland. I found it funny that the “Piña Colada” song came on the radio when I was driving and right as the line “getting caught in the rain” played, a GIANT flash of lightning filled the sky. Made me chuckle out loud.

Now for a pet peeve. I’m certain most people who have listened to the lyrics of this song at one point in time thought “this dude is looking to cheat, not cool!” Instead of “how cute, he was looking to cheat and discovered his wife, aw, love story!” But that’s not my point.

Although part of my point might be, how do you NOT know if your significant other likes getting caught in the rain? I mean it might not be a first date conversation. But at some point in your relationship, unless you live in that one place on earth where it never rains, you probably are going to get caught in the rain together. Or it will rain while you are in the car and a conversation about rain will come up. Or you will actively go out on the porch together at Weber Wonderland and watch the storm roll in and talk about how you love thunderstorms. Or maybe even the two of you will ACTUALLY GET CAUGHT IN THE RAIN and either love it or hate it or love & hate it—it doesn’t matter, you should know these things about the person you love.

Rant over.

Also, in case anyone is wondering. I in fact like getting caught in the rain. I rarely carry an umbrella, if ever, and it drives HWMMS crazy. A little fall of rain never hurt anyone. PLUS it makes my hair wavy and AMAZING.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?