Lockbox = The Devil

See this innocent little real estate lockbox? Aw, just a little combination lock right? Maybe for some but for me THIS ONE IS THE DEVIL.

My fat fidgety fingers f**ked something up when trying to change the code and now I have NO IDEA what the code is or how to reset to unlock.


It was a simple request from my broker. Go to the property out by where I live and change the code on the lock because it is now under contract. I put the dogs in the car, we went for a ride in the rain and bam, there I am once again at this property. I grabbed the lock, unlocked it, called my broker and she walked me through the steps on how to change the code.

Only at SOME point when I thought I had the code changed, something went wrong. She asked me to lock it and unlock it as a test before putting it back on and well, it wouldn’t lock. Ok, try the old code maybe it wasn’t changed yet. It wouldn’t lock. The wee little lever inside that you have to move up and to the left (or right I forget) is in place not moving.

Sometimes this happens! So she tells me. Just try to do the code with one number up or down. Nope. Try the old code. Nope. Try the new code. Nope. Try all the numbers you can think of. Nope. Have your husband try all the same things. Nope. get eaten by bugs while sitting outside trying to fix the lock.

Give up and change lock all together.

Now we have a lock we can’t unlock because somehow I was too stupid to figure out how to change a simple four digit code. I swear you can’t ask me to do anything.

LOOKS LIKE I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE. I just googled “number of possible combinations with a 4 digit lock” because I’m also terrible at math and should know how to figure this question out but I don’t.

Turns out according to this post? Over 5000 combinations. (the REALTOR who  posted this question mentioned something about not repeating a number?)

Which somehow seems wrong, so I looked further. 10,000?


Looks like HWMMS is gonna have to take a look inside this baby with a screwdriver later. Or I’m gonna be buying a new lock for my broker who will never trust me to do a simple task again.