Long weekend! Over! Ack!

I had a nice pissy night on Thursday evening which led me to bed ridiculously early and then gave me crappy dreams. I didn’t accomplish one damn thing Thursday night. But rest. And I apparently needed rest because I woke up 12 hours later on Friday.

Friday? I did mucho grocery shopping and prep for the picnic. I arrived at the picnic very agitated. It took a few hours and drinks to wind down. (What up hormones? C’mon!) But I ended up having a nice time.

Saturday? Work up and ended up hanging out a little longer than I wanted. By the time we left Dunkirk and made our little excursion to Merritt Estate Winery (to get wine for the weekend) and to Hamlet Farms and to a Yard Sale and to Valvo’s and to Stagecoach West it was close to 6 pm. But driving through country roads of my hometown makes me happy and relaxed. So all was well.

Saturday night? Ron Hawkins. Nothing is bad when Ron is around. I spent a very long time on the computer doing *things* and uploading tons of photos and went to bed super late. Mark went to bed even later.

Sunday morning? Up in time for Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me which was a *Best Of* episode. Grrrr. Finally a weekend where Mark and I can listen together and it’s a best of…enter the grump. I attempted to play with some of my photos I uploaded all night but oh my GOD the Picnik editing feature on Flickr is AS SLOW AS MOLASSES. UGH!!! So I ended up putzing around the house picking up here and there and still (surprise, surprise) couldn’t shake my agitation. Seriously, where did it come from and why isn’t it going away? I decided to have a few glasses of All Things Jennifer punch and everything felt a little calmer so, I painted these two pieces of furniture. (Mark HATES the gold.)

The one piece is a little desk that my sister-in-law saved from the side of the road years ago after a fire. When they moved to their house my brother did not want it coming with them, so I took it. It’s been sitting in the corner behind the front door for 2 years and I decided to finally do something with it. The other piece is a trunk leftover from Erin. I keep it in my bedroom filled with purses. But I hate it in my bedroom and didn’t like the hunter green. So I sprayed that too. A little much? Maybe, but I like it. And it’s off to the side in the front foyer area anyhow.

And then Mark and I got the 12 loads of laundry ready and headed out to Lake Effect…where we spent the remainder of our evening. Now instead of putting away the clothes (which is one of my least favorite chores to do in the world.) I just want to go to bed. But the bedroom still needs to be rearranged and super cleaned and painted. And there are now clothes everywhere. And a dresser I want to paint before putting all those clothes away. Sigh.

Oh and the bathroom needs to be painted too. And the kitchen. I have these fantastic cute new curtains and an ugly unmatching brown wall. Bah.

Tomorrow is a long day. A long day at work with an afternoon drive to Lewiston. And a long evening after 5 pm for the other job and our Board Meeting. I’m tired just thinking about it. I have so much I want to do before friends come in town on Friday. And just about no time to do any of it. I also still need to shop for a dress. The house is likely going to stay unpainted…depending on whether or not I have a meeting after work on Tuesday or Wednesday.

But the weekend will be fun… 🙂

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?