Losing My Religion

Dating, Personal / Tuesday, February 8th, 2005

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Erin and I have committed ourselves to the 12:05 service downtown. And a fish fry somewhere…afterwards. Mmm. FISH FRY the real reason to be Catholic, or pretend Catholic…

Yep, you guessed it…this means tonight is FAT TUESDAY MARDI GRAS BUFFALO STYLE! (if we can all stop not feeling well and make it downtown! I mean if you’re already throwing up…might as well make it worthwhile! Right? Wait, I am 31 not 21 anymore, but this still sounds good to me…) I will not be making it to the parade this year, but I will make up for it later, I promise. I have the perfect cleavage shirt picked out for this evening…ahem! And I must say, just to give a visual  my oldest bra, is worn and tattered, but MAN does it hold my DD’s on display nicely…delicious! (I mean no one NO ONE gets more than a fantastic glance tonight, well one someone, maybe, if I’m not out too late!

Last year, my voice mail message to my very serious, conservative, and somewhat repressed boyfriend at the time went something like this… “Hey baby, it is about 9:00 and I am drrrrunk, wearing a boa, just got beads from the Molson girls that say *Who’s Your Daddy!* Erin and I are leaving the drag queen show and headed to the lesbian bar now, wish you were here…hope you are having fun, cause we sure are, love ya!”

And I wonder why it didn’t work out?

Ah, to be a single girl on Mardi Gras…last year Erin as the single girl POLE danced on the bar!

And now imagine this year. Funeral last week. Funeral yesterday. And women with missions to forget about grief/sickness/family woes and have a little fun.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?