Love is…

HWMMS, Movies, Personal / Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

…being completely surprised by a thoughtful bouquet of red roses. We don’t really “do” Valentine’s Day. Not since the very, very first one in the beginning of our courtship when HWMMS was trying really hard to impress me…I mean when the love of my life surprised me with roses AT WORK.

That was years ago.

Today love is…planting rose bushes in our front yard porch garden.

He really surprised me. Still smiling hours and hours later.

In return I agreed to John Wick 2. Apparently I did see the first John Wick movie (um, I must have been lost in Pinterest at the time?) On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) this movie is about a -10 for me. No interest whatsoever. Turns out I was right, all violence. made my head hurt. If not for the AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS KEANU REEVES I don’t know if I could have stomached it. Keanu Reeves aged very well. And because he was pretty to look at—the rating goes back to neutral at 0.

And THAT my friends is what love is all about. Compromise. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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