Luna Moth Explosion!

Since we were literally in the middle of nowhere in the woods for our Honeymoon in the Berkshires, at the exact right time of the year, I spent a lot of time sitting around watching luna moths.

Ask HWMMS how long I spent just watching these amazing creatures, I was captivated!

It started one night when HWMMS went out to the porch and suddenly a LARGE WINGED CREATURE FLEW INTO THE CABIN MAKING FLITTING FLUTTERING WING NOISES! A BAT? AAAAAAAAHHHH! A BAT? Get it out! Get it out!

HWMMS went after the evil winged creature to chase it out the door with a broom BOAT PADDLE (because it was the closest thing nearby? Um…)

Once I stopped screaming and attempting to take photos in the dark we realized it wasn’t a bat after all, but instead…

A wee lime green moth? What the heck? Really? I’m telling you, this bad boy had a huge wing span. Ahem. Anyhow, I posted the photo on Facebook and within minutes I learned it was a Luna Moth.

Upon Googling the Luna Moth I realized several very cool things.

1. The Luna Moth only lives for ONE week! (And it happened to be the week we were honeymooning!)

2. The Luna Moth exists SOLELY TO MATE. (Um, only to mate?)

I decided that it was serendipity that we were honeymooning at the exact time that the Luna Moth would be mating. And from that point on…I renamed said moth the HONEYMOON MOTH and was fascinated with the creature.

For two nights in a row…I had not just one, or two…but four Honeymoon Moths visiting me at any given time! 

People rarely see ONE! And yet I saw four in the same area.

I spent HOURS just watching these moths, waiting to find a mate…meditating on nature, purpose of life, love…the meaning of it all. Completely content.

I’m convinced the two moths represented babies -twins- in our future. The luna moths exist only for ONE WEEK and they decided to make their presence known to us on our honeymoon. That has to mean something? Right?

Have you ever seen a Luna Moth?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?