Man vs. Vaporizer

True story.

“Dear, do you know what’s wrong with the vaporizer?”

“Um…is it plugged in?”

“C’mon, who’s the mechanically inclined one in the house…?”


“So what’s wrong with the vaporizer? It was working the last 3 hours and now it isn’t.”

“Does it need water? Did you add salt?”

“Where’s the salt?”

5 minutes later after finding the salt and letting him know he does not need a spoon cause you only need a pinch…


“Why What?” (Don ‘t take me away from my wedding porn…)

“I’M NOT KIDDING. Come. Here.”

As I walk in to the bedroom I see HWMMS standing 3 feet away from the vaporizer staring. The vaporizer decided to come to life. Spurting, spouting, steaming…and even the lights are flickering.

“I want to shoot it.”

Me: laughing.

“No really, what is it doing? Why are you laughing? You won’t be laughing once the house is on fire.”

Still laughing.

“Maybe you put too much water in it, drain some.”

“Um, I think I might have put too much salt in…”

At least it’s working.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?