Master Bedroom Prints

Weber Wedding Weekend was almost three years ago and I for some reason or another have not yet organized any of the photos (or even blogged!) the event. Weird right?

So I decided to do something about that and I ordered two Black & White with a purple tint large 20″ x 30″ prints. Snapfish had a 50% off coupon AND I got 10% cash back on Ebates (If you haven’t tried this site yet what on earth are you waiting for? FREE MONEY!)

The first print is of the Jenny and Chuck Wedding Zombies that Nicole from Mealy Monster Land lovingly created.

These two stood at the top of our Cherry Chip Cupcake Mountain of Zombies vs. Army Men.

No really, Zombies vs. Army Men. Our wedding invitation DID after all mention the zombie apocalypse.

And the second print captured one of my favorite moments I actually remember from the very short and sweet ceremony, the handfasting.

Both prints are going to hang over our bed, once we figure out what color to paint it that is.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?