Reasons why you should never join after recently breaking up with someone and then taking your profile down a day later because the last thing you want is another relationship when you are still completely messed up in the head (and heart.) Because you will continue to get THESE messages from “partners” that end up going in your spam box, daily.

SUBJECT: Don’t Ask Him To Sit On Santa’s Lap


I had to read more…

Holiday Do’s and Don’ts from Chemistry.comDo: Share memories of holidays past
Don’t: Share memories of ExesDo: Take advantage of the mistletoe
Don’t: Ask your date to sit on Santa’s lap

So I guess would really not approve of dreaming about asking someone from the past if I could sit on Santa’s lap while wearing my Santa nighty and singing *Santa Baby* Oh well. Guess that’s why I’m not on the dating sites, right!

Ho. Ho. HO.

I like my Do’s and Dont’s much better.  Just do.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?