Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match!

I bought a new skirt at Macy’s this week. I could NOT put it back on the rack after I picked it up, even after I found out that the sale price was the one marked on the tag. Even after I couldn’t find one damn thing in the store to match the deep blackish/brown velvet trim or the shiny browinsh/copper material.(I have 60 days to find a match!) I rarely, RARELY buy things that aren’t on sale, and while technically this skirt was *on sale* as in no longer $100, I still paid MUCH more than I usually do for such a frivolous piece.

But is it really frivolous? I have many more *formalish* events to attend lately and I have not bought anything *formalish* since my best friend Mary’s wedding, and that was a bridesmaids dress for $200 which I have since sucessfully worn out TWO other times in Buffalo. A total of three wearings makes the dress a STEAL at $66 per wearing! (Which is still more than I paid for the skirt above, but c’mon when you are in a wedding you buy the dress regardless of the price and if you can wear it again.)

I have the usual display of black dresses, which are all a wee bit sleeveless. (Code word for I need a nice wrap or black formal jacket.) I have a brown lowcut ruffle dress with this ivory trim I bought YEARS ago for under $10 and two/three sizes too small, just in case…I have long navy/turquiose formal dress I wore to my friend Holly’s wedding, YEARS ago (also too small now.) And I have a nice burgundy piece I paid $100 something for, oh about 8 years ago. I’m pretty certain I wore that dress at least 12 times over the years. ($8 per wearing!) I had a work event I recently wore this dress for and I can still get away with a League event (likely tonight) but this dress has been seen everywhere.

So is this skirt really frivolous? No…but it will be if I can’t find something to match. Dammit!!!

Of course this post also serves as a reminder that I need to lose weight…I have two dresses waiting for me. (And about 5 that would look much less tight on me as well!)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?