Maybe the wizard had a point?

Maybe the wizard had a point?

I’m somehow reminded this week that my wizard, over a year an a half ago…told me I needed to confront someone about my feelings/not feelings.

Instead of confronting? I stopped going to the wizard.

Wait…not for that reason alone, however…

Maybe there are underlying feelings that need to be abolished. Maybe this is something holding me back from REALLY being happy someday.

And here I think I’m doing just fine. Living in the present. Hmmm.

I do a pretty good job of pretending at least, eh?

1. Do I hold unrealistic expectations upon men I meet because they aren’t…my ex? (I mean the ex I always imagined myself with, ex. The one in DC that will never work out.)

2. Am I not looking for anyone for real because I’m CONTENT holding myself back with psuedo-relationships with close friends…and supplementing the one missing element (sex) with a different partner?

I could should ponder these questions, but I’m going back to bed.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?