Me? Tattoo?

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I might…sort of…be considering a wee dragonfly tattoo. I’m trying one on to see what I think. Me. SHE WHO HATES TATTOOS (for herself). Turning 40 next year must be getting to me. Is this my mid-life crisis?

I’m thinking back of my neck…even though when I did a little internet searching everyone says back of the neck is basically a F-YOU WORLD space to get a tattoo because it is so visible.

Visible? I was thinking this is one of the more hidden spots for me? Yeah, I occasionally wear my hair up in a pony or pigtails, but that’s when I’m out and about. I almost always have my hair down and it’s never been so short as to expose the neck, ever. EVER. I hate my neck, I always have hair to cover. Always. I almost exclusively wear it down for formal occasions…except my wedding, which was a last minute abnormality and was still down within an hour. And it would be teeny like the one on the left…although I love the image of the one on the right…just 100% smaller.

My other thought is on my wrist…somewhere I can actually see it…after all, since the dragonfly is a reminder of my loved ones who passed away, I might like being able to see the reminder.

What do you think? Neck? Wrist? Foot?

And what do you think of HWMMS getting a BACON tattoo? (Oy…I’m so not sure of that one…)

Comments are open for all my friends with tattoos who heard me complain for the last 38 years about how much I hate tattoos.

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