Meat on Meat

Food & Drink, HWMMS / Sunday, April 30th, 2017

“Isn’t that sort of lazy? Meat on Meat?” -HWMMS

Blasphemy. I pulled out a Chuck Roast from the bottom of the chest freezer and two pounds of bacon. Put the bacon on the bottom of the pan, put the roast on top and had it in the oven on a low convection setting for a while.

Delicious. We shall eat hardy beef sandwiches all week.

Now, the funny part. As in laugh out loud funny? I shall call it:  Wrapped HWMMS Roast. Because it is CHUCK Roast wrapped in (FREE) BACON


No, the bacon wasn’t free, but I’m sure it was one of those Buy Two Get Three deals at TOPS. So, perhaps it really was Free Bacon?

I slay me.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?