Mid Week Restaurant Week Review

Mid Week Restaurant Week Review

I LOVE Restaurant Week!

Monday night my dearest Maggie and I wanted to try out JUNIPER for Restaurant Week.

JUNIPER however did not want us. Doors closed. Later I found out that JUNIPER is closed on Monday. Yes, even the Monday that is the first day of Restaurant Week.

Cue the Wah, Wah.

So we walked up a block to Cecelia’s where we did NOT have 2 for 1 martinis and 1/2 priced appetizers at the bar like we normally would…but had a lovely $20.10 dinner instead. Calamari, Glass of Red Wine, Sirloin Steak, Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli. ONLY $20.10! DELICIOUS!

(Side Note: This is a normal TUESDAY special at Ceceila’s for only $20!)

TODAY. Mmmm. Today I went with my darling friend Karen out to La Tee Da. A place I have never been before.

First of all. Adorable decor. Simply enchanting atmosphere. Cozy, friendly and inviting.

And the FOOD? OH MY GOD. Sooooooooo good.

Karen and I started out with a bottle of bubbly, because we are awesome.

Next? Salad of choice. The poached pear salad was probably one of the best salads I’ve ever had. Ever. Goat Cheese. Cranberries. Raspberry Dressing. Mmmm.

Oh my and then…Nana Nunzia Spinach Balls Baked with Pasta and Mozzarella Cheese. I love spinach covered with cheese (can you say Spinach Bread at Gabe’s?) But this…this was even better. Pasta sauce on the tad bit sweet side which is to my liking.

I saved room for the one thing I was dreaming about since we made reservations. The Cassata Cake. I ate every last bite, which isn’t a usual thing for me…I’m a few bite dessert girl. Can one ever go wrong with this cake? Of course not.

And as a special surprise that just blew me away? A wee glass of homemade Limoncello, something I’ve never had before. BUT PLAN ON HAVING AGAIN. SOON. AT LA TEE DA. Dear God how have I lived all my life without this delectable little drink of pure sugary heaven?

Summary: Get thee to La Tee Da.

Can’t wait till tomorrow…where a restaurant I could never afford awaits me, Maggie and Robin. We’re kinda hoping the porn-esque music on the website lives up to the food…

Good thing Payday Week falls during Restaurant Week eh?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?