Millions of Daffodils!

Garden, Personal / Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Daffodils are my favorite of all the flowers. Yellow daffodils.

If I had a million dollars, I would plant a million yellow daffodils all over Weber Wonderland.

Long term goal—-maybe not a million, but for certain I would like thousands of them scattered about. If I could get at least 250 in a year that would be good. 500 a year would be better. It’s just planting the darn things, ya know?

Growing up on the ol’ Smith Homestead on Route 39 in Sheridan there were hundreds of daffodils (and tulips and hyacinths) randomly scattered around the woods. I remember mostly the daffodils. Finding a dozen or so scattered around a tree…and then a few trees over…and then along the path. Every Spring I looked forward to getting into the woods and picking those pretty posies.

I’m not sure why but the yellow ones have my heart. There were white ones, there were white and yellow ones, some with orange. I see now you can even find white and pink ones, but the ones I love the most are plain ol’ yellow. Big (Trumpet) or small (Tete-a Tete) yellow outshines them all.

Around Weber Wonderland I have one little spot where I have planted about 100 daffodils. Last year I took a bunch of the mini bulbs and placed them along the edge of the driveway right before the strawberry patch, they came up this season and look adorable. Of course I need about 500 more to make it worthwhile—-and one little rogue set of bulbs ended up out of line and above the edge of the driveway. I picked that wee bunch and brought them inside to enjoy.

Ultimately, I would like to have another bunch of daffodil only patches scattered around the main yard area and then have oodles and oodles of clusters popping up all throughout the woods.

A sea of gorgeous yellow daffodils…

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?