Ministry in Concert


Ministry in Concert.

One would think that by the age of 40 new adventures like seeing the band Ministry in concert when you don’t even have a clue what one Ministry song sounds like…would NOT be a good time. Ah, the things you do for your husband.

I did send HWMMS off to Philly to visit the BFF last month to see Ministry, but we already had tickets for the June concert in Toronto, so I figured we’d make a two day trip out of it. Besides, if I thought I would HATE it I wouldn’t have gone. Back in the day I would listen to Faith No More and Godsmack but that was my extent of this genre of music.

I had earplugs so that was good. We had bellies full of Dim Sum and Sushi so that was good. The venue was a 10 minute walk on a gorgeous pre-summer evening so that was good. I was a wee bit out of place though. Approximately 95% of the audience was wearing black (I was not) and about 75% of the audience had penises (I do not.)

The opening act was, um, odd and crazy loud and not my cup of tea—UNTIL the lead screamer, I mean singer, took off that silly hoodie and showed his sexy bald head, for the rest of that act, all was VERY good.

Ministry was good too. The crowd was relatively middle aged and tame and waited patiently for the old stuff to play…the new stuff? Eh. I had no idea how political some of the songs would be…and how scraping the bottom of the barrel some of the songs would be (a song about Fox News? Really?) But overall, I enjoyed the concert. I was actually entertained! Who knew?

I do however admit that my morbidly obese 40+ year old self was NOT entertained by standing for 4 hours straight. I might need to reconsider concerts that don’t have seating, that is until I lose about 100 pounds. My cleavage however looked amazing.


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