Miss Mita



Miss Mita. I met up with a blog friend for lunch, Sometimes I can just so grateful and amazed at the little things…I mean I met a woman I have known now for quite some time, through email and blogging…met her for 1 minute in the lobby at work and felt like I was hugging an old friend. THAT my friends is a good day! Caren is wonderful! Everything I expected (except much taller as you can see!)

Not just a blog friend anymore!

AND I went over to Lil Brother and Dayna’s place for a kabob dinner. Baby A was quite spirited! A wee powerhouse of a handful. And the cutest, smartest child I have ever met. Dinner and conversation was mighty good. It’s nice to have a brother and sister in law who are also your best friends. Life IS good.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?