Mom Freedom Tour Day #2

Mom Freedom Tour Day #2!

I brought mom back to Weber Wonderland and we watched a little bit of Property Brothers and had lunch. Exciting, I know.

The big trip out in the world was a visit to Barnes & Noble. We enjoyed some delicious hot beverages and shared a piece of red velvet cheesecake while mom browsed through cookbooks and magazines and I went through a pile of fiction and spiritual books.

From there, we headed to Wegmans. Mom on the motorized cart, pretty fun to watch. And as I saw every time I go to Wegmans WHY DO I NOT SHOP THERE ALL THE TIME? It’s a feast for my senses. I think I spent 10 minutes alone ogling the sushi options (and didn’t end up buying any.) We may or may not have spent more time just wandering and dreaming though the aisles as we did at the bookstore. We only went in for a few things (making tacos and enchiladas for dinner tomorrow) and I ended up with well, a few more things I didn’t need but—who can resist fresh pineapple anyhow? NOBODY.


Mom had a different craving. She wanted smoked fish. Hence, finding some smoked sardines and a package of her childhood favorite Matzo crackers. Because that’s what she wanted.

Oh and I made boxed macaroni and cheese and fish sticks for a late dinner. BECAUSE WE ARE 13 YEARS OLD AT HEART AND NO ONE CAN TELL US OTHERWISE.

Day #3 begins in a few short hours…I promised mom and her roommate I would be there in the morning with fresh coffee and that lemon/cheese danish I found at Wegmans before taking mom to church.

And we all know how I looooooooove mornings!

Every second of time mom is out of that place, is the best possible situation.



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