Mom Freedom Tour Day #3

Mom Freedom Tour Day #3. I met mom and her roommate at the home this morning for lemon/cheese danish and coffee. Hung out for a while. I’m sad that her roommate is sad that mom is leaving. Her roommate is a lifer for that place and I doubt she will get another roommate quite like my mom. My heart breaks for her.

At one point mom’s roommate had just finished using her bed pan and the aides left her (not intentionally) in an uncomfortable position, she has been sick and was really having problems breathing. Her curtain was drawn but she was moaning in pain. My mom jumped in IMMEDIATELY, went over to her bed and with an almost angelic presence—-calmed her down….”I know how scary it is to not be able to breathe, you’re ok, you’re ok, look at me….breathe…it’s going to be fine, I’m here.”

And I went in the hall to find two aides to come in to reposition her, but not before I heard her say “Yeah, but you won’t be tomorrow…” with such sadness in her voice over losing her friend. UGH. HEARTBREAK.

Heart. Break.

So we stayed for a little while this morning to keep her company—-and then I brought mom home to Weber Wonderland where she sat on the porch and enjoyed the sun, watched a movie and cuddled with Harley. Quiet day. From there we went to see my brother and his family and had a really nice visit.

Then I put Mom to work and we made a Mexican dinner of beef tacos, mushroom & onion enchiladas with green chile sauce and a big ol’ pot of black beans and rice.

Mom is scheduled to be discharged after lunch.


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