Happy March! Day 12: Kindness

Mom update. Hanging out and healing. Chest tube was removed and her lung is doing better. Blood clot in her leg being watched. Still in quite a bit of pain, trying to figure out moving around with broken collarbone, not fun. Plan in place to move to rehab facility…tomorrow or Tuesday.

Keith update: feels like he was “kicked in the head by a mule.” I do have to say, he is listening much better than usual and getting the rest he needs to heal as well. And for those who know how stubborn this man is, well…enough said.

The KINDNESS that our medical professionals give day in and day out will never cease to amaze me. The KINDNESS of friends far and near praying and sending out waves of love will never cease to amaze me.

Hospitals drain my soul. I mean down to 2% capacity. I think someone was looking out for me from above because at least my mom’s room is the first one on the hall. I don’t have to walk by all the patients rooms to get to her…that always kills me inside. I just am not good at protecting myself from all the emotions and sad and sick.

Thank you all for your kindness and well-wishes. It means the world to me. (And our family.)

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