That Moment When Your Realize the Bills Streaker Who Looks Like Your Friend Is Actually Your Friend

Friends, Sports, Western New York / Monday, November 13th, 2017

Yep, me and about 270 other people I know in WNY are friends with Bills Streaker aka Señor Wiener.

Here’s the story…I turned off the Bills game yesterday pretty much right before the big play of the game. To tell you the truth I’m not sure I saw much of the 4th quarter to begin with, it was on in the background, I was feeling that familiar sense of dread and ignoring it for the most part.

Instead, I went downstairs and watched two Star Trek movies (while doing work) with He Who Makes Me Smile (HWMMS). Obviously this meant I was exhausted and we went to bed quite early, before 9pm. Before Walking Dead. Because lately The Walking Dead has felt like the Watching Dead and I’d rather just not.

Of course, went to bed and going to sleep are two entirely different things. While I was scrolling through something or other, HWMMS says “holy crap, there was a streaker at the BILLS game today, it looks just like Wiener!”

Wiener, as in Señor Wiener as his roller derby family affectionately know him as. Just like everyone knows HWMMS as Free Bacon and I’m Mrs. Bacon. EVERYONE even remotely derby related or who might have attended a game knows who Señor Wiener is. I should also mention he bears a striking resemblance to the character who is playing Jesus on the Walking Dead right now.

“No, really, Jen I think it’s Wiener!”

After checking out his Facebook page and heading over to his Mama’s Facebook page it was confirmed.

“Yes, my son is the streaker.”


Enter Twitter search and the next two hours of my life laughing hysterically.

Now if I had any smarts about me (which I don’t) I would have got out of bed and started writing this blog post. You know, links and information and the fact that our friend RAN NAKED DOWN THE FIELD AND DID A DANCE AND THEN WAS TACKLED BY SECURITY AT THE BILLS GAME just might be one of those stories that ends up going “viral” ha, nope. I just scrolled through comments calling out his hotness and bold athleticism and smiled.

This morning at WAY TOO EARLY O’CLOCK when HWMMS had to get ready for work I was up with a splitting headache. I mean tension, pressure in the back of my neck swinging around the front of my head. UGH. I took the dogs out and went right back to sleep immediately, knowing I had about 2 more hours before I needed to go in the office. An hour later, still in pain. I took ibuprofen and texted the powers that be that I was in pain and taking meds and going to try to knock it out and would be in the office later. Ow. (My goodness I feel for those who have these kind of headaches chronically, not fun at all.)

The day was dark and dreary and rainy and headache had FINALLY started to subside. I saw photos online of our friend getting arraigned for court and saw that the news reported his name. But that was just a quick look and then I went along my merry way. Being in the “light of day” brought my headache right back, so I stayed away from the computer and phone screen.

Late afternoon-when I logged in, I realized our friend the “Bills Streaker” was an internet sensation.

Our friend formerly known as Mama Chops (who now is known as Mom of Streaker) was interviewed on Shredd & Ragan this morning: Bills Streakers’ Mom

Sweet Buffalo: Mom of streaker says he gave everyone a good laugh after recent loss of beloved family member

WBEN: Analysis: Legally Defending the Bills’ Streaker

Buffalo News: “‘That’s my son,’ says mom of streaker arrested at Bills game”

Andy Parker posted this. (Ha!)

My friend Lizzy who works at the holding center was the first one to congratulate him on his big day upon leaving this morning.

His photo is being photoshopped into all sorts of images. (Priceless, really.)

Our derby friends have set up an event to help his Legal Fund, appropriately named “Pants off dance off for Tristan Lambright

Not to mention National Press all with the same headline of course. (I mean you DID see the score of the game, right?)

I especially like the stories that are out there once people found out he is a Roller Derby skater in the Toronto Men’s League and official for WFTDA and QCRG not to mention a former coach.

Oh and apparently you can buy this shirt for charity! Because of course you can, this is BUFFALO!

Streaker-inspired shirt to raise money for homeless in Buffalo.

Streaker-Inspired shirt raising money for homeless


All joking aside, Wiener (I can’t call him Tristan, I don’t think I’ve ever referred to him as Tristan!) is a good, solid dude. Kind heart. And a whole lot of fun (obviously.) He’s the kind of guy that will climb a tree at your wedding to rescue the ladderballs that your cousin Jessie Penguin somehow managed to get stuck up there.  Oh and we bought the best vacuum ever from him years ago when he was a Rainbow Salesperson for about 5 seconds. (Suckers? Maybe, but DAMN that’s a good vacuum!) Don’t worry about his job prospects people—this can only catapult him into something bigger. Think hot felon only regionally. 🙂