Damn. I had a rough night last night. Up coughing for quite sometime and then around 4am the strangest thing happened to me. I couldn’t stop itching. I mean EVERYWHERE. OUT OF NOWHERE. Top of my head, behind my ear, armpit, stomach, ankles and toes. Could. Not. Stop. Itching. So bizarre and unnerving. I felt like I rolled in something I was allergic to without knowing.  This went on for sometime before I had no choice but to get out of bed and take Benedryl. About a half hour later, it stopped.

Of course that was close to oh crap it’s time to wake up am…the clock radio went off and I heard a horrid report on LASIK EYE SURGERY GONE WRONG. I turned off the alarm and called into work.

I woke up several peaceful, non itching, non coughing hours later around 1pm. And realized I had a half a day of daylight to kick my ass in gear.

So I wrote a to-do list. And so far, this is what I’ve accomplished. More than I have in weeks to tell you the truth. No, taking down the Christmas Tree was not on the list. I’m just not ready…yet.

Make Grocery List
Make Rice and Beans
Do Dishes
Take Garbage Out
Kitty Litter
Organize Front Closet
Organize Back Room Closet
Organize Desk

Organize Bedroom
Vacuum Rug
SCRUB Bathroom Floor
SCRUB Hallway Floor
SCRUB Kitchen Floor
Scrub Kitchen Walls/Refrig/Stove
Clean Inside Refrigerator
Put Away Loads of Laundry
Do Load of Laundry
Wrap Books for PaperbackSwap
Organize Clothes/Books for Amvets
Plastic on Windows (Find Plastic on Windows)
Buy Groceries
Drop off Stuff at Amvets
Post Office to Mail Books
Clean Stains (Buy Carpet Cleaner)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?