Monday, Monday

Randomments / Monday, November 6th, 2017

Today was a good day. Monday is one of my full day in the office days. I bring two travel mugs of coffee with me in the morning and I hope for the best. Of course the best usually gets me through about 2pm—and then I may or may not head over to Crosby’s for a large cup of Joe. I may not have done that yet and I may need to remedy that situation before my two meetings tonight.

Good news on the horizon for a few friends today. Yay! That makes my heart happy.

AND tomorrow is election day. I’m crossing my fingers and toes, but prepared to be well…glad this election is over. Last year ALL MACRO VIEW this year all MICRO local view. And I feel like I know too many on all sides and just want the photo opportunities to end and everyone return to normal. Ha. Ha. It’s hard for me to keep quietish on these issues, but I feel compelled to remain neutral because of my professional position in town.

Anyone who knows me can imagine this drives me batty…

So tomorrow, I get up at the wee hours of the morning and head to my polling station armed with I VOTED STICKERS to hand out on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, because last year NO ONE HANDED OUT STICKERS! For shame, for shame. And then I will take a selfie with said sticker and drive around to the other polls in Concord and give them stickers and then go home and go back to bed.

THAT SAID: Here’s a few articles you should read if you are voting in NY tomorrow.

Vote. It makes a difference.