Mood. Shift.

I had to force it. I realized my mood was cloudy and ucky. Which in general is ridiculous. Everything’s alright, yes, everything’s fine. Right?

I woke up very stuffy and decided to stay in bed. Called into work and slept until at least 2pm. Obviously needed. (See, this is a good thing right?) Simply no time to be sick with the weekend of work ahead. Work, but FUN work.

Good for you food.

I puttered around the house, ate a banana, some eggs and whole grain toast and poured a cup of organic love buzz with vanilla soy milk. (Had a recent shop to the Co-op as you can tell, which makes me HAPPY and is a good thing.)

Took a walk and looked at an apartment.



Funny thing is? As soon as I walked in the door. The cloud returned. All I wanted to do was order out a huge pile of greasy chicken finger like substances and onion rings and wallow and nap.


I went in my bedroom and stayed still for a few minutes and considered the consequences. I want to kickstart MAY off in the right direction. I’ve been doing good so far…ok, I’m gonna get up!

I made pancakes (organic multi-grain w/ flaxseed oil) after the first two burned of course since I seem incapable of making pancakes. I ended up with one excellent pancake and one oops but still decent pancake. I had two ears of corn on the cob (without butter, why do people put butter on corn it is already so darn tasty!)

And poured one more cup of coffee and sat down to look for apartments.

And write this post.

And listen to polka music on iTunes and Led Zeppelin.

Mood. Shift. Successful.

Self-sabotage, not tonight. At least not this hour. I mean NOT TONIGHT!


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?