Soundtrack Playing: Miss Saigon
“I’m from a world that’s so different from all that you are. How in the light of one night did we come so far?”(What possessed me to watch Bridget Jones Diary last night? Arugh. My life is not a movie. My life is not a movie. My life is not a movie. Or is it?)

New York Bonus:
I received another unemployment check today. My second one. $7.00 Seriously. for $7.00. A mistake on the part of the State, apparently I am worth $28 more per week than previously estimated. Why not $27? New York is not in the know about the 27 conspiracy.

Local News Alert.
I hate the news. Today I am about as annoyed with the News as Ticketmaster. A stranglehold monopoly on the people.

“Winter Mess” coined by Channel 2.
What? I might have slept through the morning commute, but I do think it is JUST WINTER. For the love of God! Did we get that much snow? The Retired Letter Carriers of Buffalo as well as the Positive Pet Training Center canceled their afternoon meetings. We got 4-8 inches of snow on average around the region, YET, yet…Channel 2 had an extended coverage broadcast and was taking YOUR CALL on the set to talk about the stormy weather! One caller, Evelyn, phoned in to say that it was sooooo bad this morning. Her kids went to the bus stop and then came back 15 minutes later and said “Mommy it’s cold outside!” So…? And…? PLEASE tell me Evelyn, that you sent your children to school, PLEASE? One caller in the country, where they had as foot of snow…called in and said. “It’s winter. I live in the country, I am used to it.” She obviously was not the sensational caller that Channel 2 was expecting. Arugh! I even heard reference top the Blizzard of 77 as well as the other big storms a few years back. Correct me if I am wrong but 4-8 inches? A child waiting 15 minutes for the bus because they are running late? NORMAL. Dear God people. NORMAL. What is wrong with these people? Grrrrr!

Buffalo Newspaper
I forgot to mention this before…but Buffalo Niagara was recently ranked 38th out of 50 in the “Annual 50 Hottest Cities” survey published by Expansion Management Magazine (rated and ranked out of 370 metropolitan areas in which companies might expand or relocate. Last year Buffalo was 50th.) And this was BEFORE THE GEICO DEAL was sealed. I see a 27 in our future… : )

Bratty Spoiled Teenagers
This might not be fair, since the references below are from the teen excerpt “NeXt” in today’s paper…but I am going to bitch anyhow. Grrrr to the teens. How do I think that somedays I could be a High School Social Studies teacher? (I am trying to convince myself that HS would be a better fit than elementary ed…although I do not know the presidents in order 5th-12th)

In an article about peer pressure a sophomore was asked how much of a role does the media play when dealing with peer pressure.

“A big role, you’re thinking the images you see on TV are right.”
A SOPHOMORE? Idiot. Comes from upbringing, her parents are probably idiots too.

And a SENIOR at Williamsville North (Amherst school…) said regarding the lack of parking places for juniors and seniors on campus that…it is a “bother to walk in mud and snow. my friends and I agree that this construction should have been done in the summer to avoid the mess and loss of parking spots.” A school official agreed and counteracted with the fact that their hands were tied because the State did not get their budget out on time.

My family was not college educated. But somehow, my brother and I learned the concept of TV PRETEND and built up healthy self-esteems and fought the peer pressure. Ugh. Maybe the little North girl should read the damn paper and see what serious consequences fall from the budget not being effective…laying of 500 teachers? Maybe funds should be reallocated? Amherst Seniors have to walk in the snow. Buffalo School children have to take hour long bus rides to the nearest school in the snow because the system shut down the school next door for lack of funds. Harsh, maybe. But I swear to GOD my children will not be this ignorant. I know, I KNOW I had a larger world view of life growing up.

While reading Madam President, I found this little ditty interesting…Kathleen Kennedy Townsend grew up in a home where her father RFK instilled in her a passion for public service…at their dinner table Kathleen and her 11 siblings were grilled about what they did to help the less fortunate that day.

Do today’s children even know what less fortunate means? Unless they are the less fortunate? I want to be a teacher to get my ass in the schools and inspire this kind of passion to change their world, therefore changing OUR world. I know my children will be forced into intelligent dinner conversation. A family all around the table, talking?Gasp. It might not necessarily be a quiz to see how they have helped the less fortunate, or a quiz on presidential history or state capitals (sorry, baby.) But is sure can be about the headlines of the paper and news. Or what they did in school. If my senior bitches about parking to me, I am dragging her ass to the Buffalo schools to tutor. Simple. Dear God, I remember crying, over getting a coat for Christmas one year. This particular Christmas my dad had been laid off from the plant for a few months and money was tighter than usual. My m,om pulled me aside to tell me that we might not be getting as much for Christmas (lil brother still believed in Santa Claus) That Christmas I remember getting the usual stuff, and a coat. This strange coat…it was red and navy blue plaid with a white background and a light baby blue cuff around the collar and sleeves. I loved the coat. And I cried thinking that we didn’t have the money for me to get all of that stuff AND a new coat I loved so much…and I was MUCH younger than a SOPHOMORE! (Scariliy enough, I am now realizing the coat is the same design and colors that I decorated my living room in! How weird!)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?