No Good in my morning. I can’t STAND this heat. Not just *this* heat ANY heat. Mark and I came up with a list of 5 things we can do to get out of our house and into the air conditioning. We came up with.

1. Bookstore

2. Movie (although I was thinking Drive In, which obviously ruins that plan!)

3. Mall (yuck, no money…)

4. Visit friends with air conditionining…(although I can’t really think of any, damn!)

5. Wait, what was 5 again? I can’t remember 5, however when we were grocery shopping this week these two items entered our cart despite budgetary concerns (promotion paycheck comes NEXT WEEK, Mark signs paperwork TODAY for his job.)

Money might be tight but darn it…without air conditioning we need to make our home life somewhat bearable, and what is better than a Green Apple Mike’s? Mmmmm.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?