Personal / Monday, September 29th, 2008

Morning. My buddy E.D. at the old place of employment used to know to stay away from me on mornings when I would answer “morning” instead of GOOD MORNING. I mean, I still had to be polite right? But if there’s nothing good about the morning why pretend?


I’m so freaking exhausted I can’t even think straight. I slept for most of the day yesterday. And then watched football. And then tried to use my brain and it didn’t want to work. Reading, writing…not happening. I did not do the work I needed to do for my other job. I couldn’t really string sentences together. Bah.

So I slept some more. And then I cleaned my house, which was in desperate need of cleaning.

I woke up this morning to take Mark to work and to go back to the hall to load 50 table arrangements of flowers into my truck to deliver to the nursing home. Everyone who attended Gala is off today. I’m off all week. Except for Wednesday when I need to go in for a *wrap-up* and first thing this morning while loading my truck full of flowers.

Man oh man am I full of piss and vinegar.

I can’t even being to tell you how much I didn’t want to be out of my bed let alone banging on the locked doors of the hall at 8:20 am fetching flower arrangements spread out from here to…there…and trying not to have all the delicate rose petals flitter at my feet. I had told my Director not to bother coming in to help because I had to drop Mark off in the morning anyhow and I could just make two trips if need be. I live in the city. It’s 5 minutes away for me. All the other staff live about 20-30 minutes out in the burbs. I was being kind…even though under my breath this morning (before coffee) I was questioning why.

Of COURSE as soon as my truck was loaded and I dropped off the many arrangements of flowers I was a happier girl. I did a good deed. 🙂

Bah. PIss and vinegar.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?